Strongholds are fortified structures scattered across the world map of BLOCKLORDS.

  • Hero Commander: To initiate a stronghold conquest, players must assign a hero as the commander of their army.

  • Map Exploration: Heroes embark on a tactical journey through the world map until they reach the stronghold's designated objective.

  • Army Formation: An army is carefully assembled to confront the stronghold's challenges.

  • Epic Battles: The battle within the stronghold unfolds on a grand scale, taking place in a vast and perilous terrain filled with traps, enemy troops, and strategic buildings.

  • Victory Conditions: Completing the stronghold's objectives leads to a well-earned victory.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Triumph in stronghold battles results in the acquisition of exclusive rewards that can significantly enhance one's armies and battle squads, making these conquests a pivotal aspect of advancing in the game.

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