In BLOCKLORDS, commands are essential for directing and optimizing the performance of your squads. They are central to achieving productivity and efficiency on your farm:

  • Role of Commands: Commands are crucial for guiding your squads, ensuring that they carry out their tasks effectively and contribute positively to your farm's growth and resource management.

  • Stamina Requirement: Every command requires a specific amount of Stamina to be executed. This means that a squad's Stamina level is a key factor in determining how many actions it can perform before needing rest or replenishment.

  • Resource Dependency: Some commands may also necessitate the use of certain resources to be performed. This adds a layer of strategic resource management, as you need to balance the resources at hand with the actions you wish to execute.

Maintainance Commands: Keep the farm running!

Collection Commands: Harvest your yield!

Refine Commands: Shape your resources into valuable assets

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