The Library building in BLOCKLORDS serves as a hub for knowledge acquisition and adventure unlocking:

  1. Ruler's Responsibility: The ruler of a region is responsible for constructing the library, and establishing it as a center for learning and research.

  2. Banner Inventory: Within the library, users can check their banner inventory. Banners are essential for conducting research and unlocking new adventures.

  3. Importing Banners: Players import banners into the library's inventory, providing the necessary materials for research and book writing.

  4. Book Writing: Rulers have the privilege of initiating the process of writing a book within the library. This action sets in motion the creation of knowledge that will unlock new adventures.

  5. Contributions: Settlers in the region can actively contribute by burning banners, which contribute learning points. The more they contribute, the greater the gold bounty they receive as a reward for their dedication to knowledge.

  6. Adventure Unlocking: Once a book is successfully written, it unlocks a new adventure within that region. Players in the same region can join these adventures at the standard price.

  7. Cross-Region Expeditions: For players from other regions who wish to participate in the newly unlocked adventure, the cost is doubled, reflecting the additional logistical challenges of cross-region participation.

The Library building is a key structure that not only enriches the game's lore but also provides exciting opportunities for adventure and knowledge sharing among players.

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