In BLOCKLORDS, squads play a pivotal role in the effective management and growth of your farm. Here's a concise overview of their importance:

Strategic Squad Management

Key to Maximizing Potential:

  • Managing squads is critical in BLOCKLORDS for optimizing your farm's productivity and resource management.

Unique Capabilities and Enhancements

Squad Abilities:

  • Each squad possesses unique capabilities that contribute to different aspects of farm management, such as resource gathering, processing, or defense.

  • Hero Assignments: Assigning a hero to a squad significantly boosts its effectiveness. Heroes provide additional buffs and abilities, enhancing the squad’s performance.

Synergy and Strategy

Importance of Squad-Hero Combinations:

  • The combination of different squads and their corresponding heroes is a vital strategic element. The synergies between them can greatly influence the efficiency and output of your farm operations.

  • Tailored Strategies: Choosing the right squads and heroes based on your farm's needs and goals is essential for creating a balanced and productive environment.

  • Squad Types: Meet the different types of Squads!

  • Recruiting Squads: Recruit a workforce to maximise production

  • Commands: Squads perform tasks on the farm

  • Squad Progression: Where do we go from here?

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