Farm Assaults

Farming life isn't always peaceful. Attacks from wilderness and marauding raiders are not uncommon. However, even violent attacks can yield good rewards! Invasion Mechanics:

Trigger conditions such as game time, resource stock, and the number of squads you have will initiate waves of invasions on your farm.

Meet the Enemies:

Prepare for invasions by Wolf Packs, Bears, and Marauder squads. Each enemy type comes with its unique behavior and attack patterns, ensuring you'll need to adopt varying defense strategies. Reward or Consequence:

Successfully repelling invasions yields resources and item drops. Failure, however, comes with costs - you'll see squad injuries or deaths, resource depletion, and even building damage.

Building Health and Damage:

The enemies are not just after your squads; theyโ€™ll also attack your buildings. Buildings with diminishing health will exhibit visual cues like light or heavy smoke, helping you prioritize your defense and repair actions. Use the repair command to recover some building HP and put out fires that may be damaging your structures.

Conceptual Battle Scenarios:

Whether it's a bear attack from the forest or raiders appearing randomly on the map, expect unique battle scenarios. Enemy behavior can change dynamically based on their objective and the situation, so you'll need to adapt quickly to protect your assets. Battle Calculations:

Your units' statistics, like Health Points (HP), Attack Power (ATK), and Defense (DEF), among others, will come into play. The position of units and enemies will impact these stats dynamically, making tactical positioning crucial.

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