The $LRDS token is fundamental to the BLOCKLORDS ecosystem, serving as a central element in both the gameplay and governance aspects. Hereโ€™s how it functions:

  1. Earning $LRDS:

    • Players accumulate $LRDS tokens, the primary token of BLOCKLORDS by actively engaging in the game. This rewards consistent and strategic play, integrating the token into the core gaming experience. $LRD will not be easy to earn through all game mechanics, it will require cunning use of resources and strategic abilities.

  2. Usage of $LRDS:

    • Locking or Spending for Influence: Players have the option to either lock or spend their $LRDS tokens to gain influence within the game.

    • Purchasing In-Game Items: The influence gained can then be used to purchase various in-game items and features. These include season resource packs, limited heroes, and time boosts, enhancing the player's ability to progress and enjoy the game.

  3. Dual Role in Gameplay and Governance:

  • Beyond in-game advantages, $LRDS also serves as a key to governance. Players can use their tokens to participate in community voting, influencing the game's development and lore. This feature adds a layer of community engagement and decision-making, allowing players to have a direct impact on the gameโ€™s evolution. $LRDS tokens are not just in-game currency; they also empower players to have a say in the governance and narrative aspects of BLOCKLORDS. This dual role makes $LRDS a unique and valuable aspect of the player experience.

  • LORDCHAIN Deployment: $LRDS will be usable for validation and for major treasury usage voting.

The integration of the $LRDS token into both the gameplay mechanics and the governance system of BLOCKLORDS highlights its importance. It not only incentivizes active participation and strategic planning in the game but also fosters a sense of community and player agency, making it a vital component of the BLOCKLORDS universe.

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