Basic Description: In BLOCKLORDS, the birth of children represents the continuation of a player's dynasty and the promise of future generations. The system of conception and childbirth is intricately designed to simulate the complexities of lineage, genetics, and personal choices, adding depth to the game's strategy.

Conception Dynamics:

  • Annual Chance: Once heroes are married, every in-game year offers a random chance for the couple to conceive.

  • Factors Influencing Conception: Several factors play into the likelihood of conception, including the couple's age, individual traits, happiness level, house renown, and more. Generally, younger couples have a higher chance of conceiving.


  • Gestation: Following conception, the in-game gestation period spans one year, culminating in the birth of the child.

  • Child's Appearance: The child will visually resemble either the mother, the father, or potentially other genders within that class type.

  • Inheritance of Traits: A child's traits and stats are derived from the combined genes of both parents. This genetic combination allows for a spectrum of outcomes, ranging from 'better' to 'worse', all governed by the game's simulation.

Strategies for Conception:

  • Active Efforts: If natural conception isn't occurring, players have the option to "Actively Try to Conceive." This involves various methods:

    • Health Cures: Potions or remedies to boost fertility.

    • Exercise: Physical activities to enhance health and vitality.

    • Romantic Outings: Special moments to reignite the spark.

    • Affairs: Risky liaisons to attempt conception. These methods come at different costs but generally offer high success rates.

Childbirth Limitations:

  • Frequency of Conception: The more children a couple has, the lesser the likelihood of further conception.

  • Maximum Offspring: A couple cannot have more than 10 children.

  • Age Constraints: Women can conceive only between the ages of 18 and 55. The fertility rate is higher for younger women and declines with age.


  • Incorporating External Heroes: Apart from natural childbirth, married couples in BLOCKLORDS also have the option to adopt another hero from the player's inventory, further extending their family tree and potentially bringing unique traits and strengths into the house.

  • Age Requirement: To maintain a semblance of hierarchy and realistic family dynamics, the hero chosen for adoption must be at least 10 years younger than the youngest member of the adopting couple.

  • Benefits of Adoption: Adoption can be a strategic move for players looking to quickly expand their dynasty without waiting for natural conception. It also provides an opportunity to integrate heroes with particular skills, traits, or backgrounds that might be beneficial to the house.

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