Rebellion Mechanics introduces a complex and engaging layer to the game, allowing players to challenge the existing ruler under specific conditions. Hereโ€™s how it works:

Initiating a Rebellion

  • Conditions for Challenge: To challenge the current ruler, the ORDER in the region must be low, indicating a situation ripe for rebellion.

  • Requirement for Challengers: The player initiating the rebellion needs to have at least one legacy hero.

Preparation and Support

  • Formation of Armies: Upon initiation, two armies are created on the region map โ€“ one for the current ruler and another for the rebel leader.

  • Support through Donation: During the preparation phase, users can contribute to either side by donating heroes and squads. In return, they receive bounties for their support.

Siege Battle Dynamics

  • Battle Duration: The siege battle, pivotal to the rebellion, spans several days or weeks. Its outcome depends on the army sizes, skills, and time invested.

  • Active Player Participation: During the battle phase, players can engage in smaller PvE battles to weaken the opposing army. These skirmishes utilize squads and troops from the players' personal stock.

Outcome of the Rebellion

  • Victory and New Leadership: If the rebels successfully take over the city, the rebellion's leader becomes the new lord. The ousted lord retains their account and farm but loses their ruling status.

  • Defeat and Consequences: Failure to conquer the city within the attack time frame results in the rebel's defeat, and the existing ruler maintains control.

  • Fate of Donated Forces: In the event of a defeat, players who supported the losing side lose their donated squads, although their heroes are returned to them.

The Rebellion Mechanics in BLOCKLORDS allow players to engage in high-stakes political and military strategy, reflecting the tumultuous nature of medieval governance. This system adds a significant layer of depth to the game, encouraging alliances, strategic planning, and active participation in the gameโ€™s political landscape.

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