Infantry Squads

Light Infantry: Known for their speed and agility, Light Infantry units excel in quick engagements like reconnaissance, raids, and ambushes. They are lightly armored, making them vulnerable in direct combat but highly effective in hit-and-run tactics.

Pikemen: Specializing in defense, particularly against cavalry, Pikemen are armed with long pikes and excel in forming impenetrable defensive lines. While formidable in static defense, they are less effective in fast-paced or mobile combat scenarios.

Raiders: Agile and fierce, Raiders are adept at rapid assaults and disruptive skirmishes. Equipped with one-handed axes, they are perfect for flanking maneuvers and exploiting weaknesses in enemy lines, although their light armor makes them vulnerable to heavy attacks.

Heavy Shields: As heavily armored troops, Heavy Shield Infantry are the primary defensive unit. Their large shields and high armor levels make them resilient against both melee and ranged attacks, ideal for absorbing enemy assaults and protecting more vulnerable units.

Each infantry type in BLOCKLORDS is designed to fulfill specific roles on the battlefield, offering players a variety of tactical options. Whether it's the quick and adaptable Light Infantry, the defensive Pikemen, the swift Raiders, or the stalwart Heavy Shields, understanding and utilizing these units effectively can be key to achieving victory in various combat scenarios.

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