Cavalry Squads

In BLOCKLORDS, cavalry units are a crucial component of the game's combat strategy, offering diverse tactical advantages on the battlefield. Each type of cavalry unit – Light Cavalry, Knights, and Horse Archers – brings unique strengths and combat styles.

1. Light Cavalry: Known for their agility and speed, Light Cavalry units excel in quick reconnaissance, raiding, and flanking maneuvers. They are equipped with light armor, making them fast but less effective against heavily armored foes. Their primary weapons are light spears or short swords, and they operate best in Skirmish Line formations, benefiting from increased movement speed and charge power.

2. Knights: As the elite force on the battlefield, Knights are heavily armored and excel in charge attacks. They wield longswords, spears, or war hammers and are highly effective in breaking enemy lines. Despite their slower movement due to heavy armor, they offer high attack and defense capabilities. Their preferred formation is the Wedge Charge, enhancing their attack power during charges.

3. Horse Archers: These units combine the mobility of cavalry with long-range attacks. Skilled in "hit-and-run" tactics, Horse Archers use bows or composite bows to engage enemies from a distance. They are particularly effective at disrupting enemy formations and harassing rear units but can struggle against heavily armored or other ranged units. They operate best in Skirmish Line formations, allowing increased movement speed and shooting range.

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