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Navigating the $LRDS Hub in BLOCKLORDS: A Comprehensive Guide

The $LRDS Hub is a pivotal feature in the BLOCKLORDS universe, crafted to enable players to maximize the potential of their $LRDS tokens. By converting $LRDS into Influence, players can significantly impact their strategic gameplay and contribute to the governance within the game. This guide aims to provide a detailed walkthrough on utilizing the $LRDS Hub effectively.

Accessing the $LRDS Hub

To access the $LRDS Hub, players should navigate through the in-game dashboard. This hub serves as the central platform for $LRDS token management, allowing for the conversion of tokens into Influenceโ€”a crucial element in the game's economy and decision-making processes.

Locking $LRDS for Influence

A key functionality of the $LRDS Hub is the option to lock $LRDS tokens to acquire Influence. Here's the process:

  • Select the Amount to Lock: Players have the flexibility to lock an amount ranging from 25% to the maximum quantity of $LRDS they possess. The decision on the amount to lock should align with the player's strategic objectives and the willingness to commit tokens for a designated period.

  • Understand the Lock Period: Locked $LRDS tokens will be inaccessible until the specified unlock date. Players should carefully plan based on their strategic gameplay needs and future requirements for $LRDS.

  • Accrue Daily Influence: The daily accrual of Influence is directly proportional to the amount of $LRDS locked. A higher quantity of locked $LRDS results in a greater daily Influence yield.

Monitoring Your $LRDS and Influence

The $LRDS Hub, together with the player's BLOCKLORDS profile, offers a holistic view of their $LRDS and Influence. This functionality enables players to monitor their balances, including both available and locked $LRDS, as well as the accumulation of Influence over time.

Recharging and Buying Influence

For players aiming to swiftly enhance their Influence, the $LRDS Hub presents an efficient method:

  • Recharge Button: This feature allows for the direct conversion of available $LRDS into Influence packs, providing an immediate boost in Influence for in-game use.

Participating in Bounties

The $LRDS Hub also introduces the opportunity to engage in exclusive bounties. These special missions offer players the chance to lock $LRDS in exchange for unique in-game items, such as the coveted Legacy Mad Bull hero. Bounties offer a distinctive way to interact with the game while securing exclusive rewards.

The Realm of Mad Bulls

Within the context of these bounties, players can explore the lore of the Mad Bullsโ€”moose-hide warriors who stand as the highland's defense. Originating from a sacred pact with the mighty moose, these warriors engage in battles with Bearslayers, embodying the resilience and formidable strength of the wild north.


The $LRDS Hub is an essential component of the BLOCKLORDS ecosystem, offering players a strategic tool to enhance their gaming experience. By effectively managing $LRDS tokens and Influence, players can significantly impact their gameplay and the broader game environment. This guide serves as a foundation for navigating the $LRDS Hub, empowering players to leverage their assets to their fullest potential.

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