A combination of advanced technologies is employed to create an immersive and interconnected gaming experience. Here’s an overview of the key technologies used:
Unity Game Engine
  • Robust Foundation: BLOCKLORDS is built on Unity, one of the leading game engines known for its versatility and high-quality game development capabilities. This choice underpins the game’s sophisticated graphics and complex gameplay mechanics.
Seascape Auth Centre Integration
  • Unified User Registration: The integration with Seascape Auth Centre is a crucial aspect of the user experience. It consolidates various account types — including game, web, Single Sign-On (SSO), and web3 accounts — into a single login within the game’s database. This system simplifies the user interface, making account management and access more streamlined and user-friendly.
The Portal and Blockchain Interoperability
  • Inter-Blockchain Connectivity: The PORTAL feature serves as a bridge between different blockchains and BLOCKLORDS' proprietary chain, LORDCHAIN. This technology enables players to seamlessly transfer their assets across different blockchain environments directly through the game client.
  • Expansion and Adoption of New Chains: The PORTAL’s functionality is not just limited to asset transfer; it also allows BLOCKLORDS to adopt more blockchains, enhancing the game’s interoperability and scalability. This capability positions BLOCKLORDS at the forefront of blockchain gaming, ready to integrate emerging technologies and expand its blockchain ecosystem.
The use of these technologies in BLOCKLORDS demonstrates a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools to provide a seamless, integrated gaming experience. From the robust gaming environment enabled by Unity to the streamlined user experience provided by Seascape Auth Centre, and the innovative blockchain interoperability facilitated by the PORTAL.