Cross-Region Trades

Cross-region trades in BLOCKLORDS introduce a dynamic element to resource trading, offering unique opportunities and challenges:

  1. Price Variability: Users have the option to sell resources across different regions, each with its own price dynamics. This variability allows for strategic decision-making when it comes to resource trading.

  2. Time and Resource Costs: Cross-region trades, while potentially lucrative, come at a cost. These trades require both time and resources to execute, reflecting the logistical complexities of conducting business across distances.

  3. Price Commitment: Once a cross-region trade price is set, it is a binding commitment. This ensures that agreed-upon trade terms are honored, adding an element of reliability to cross-region transactions.

  4. Future Risk and Protection: Future updates to the game may introduce the risk of Caravan Raids during cross-region trades. Players will need to be vigilant and explore protective measures to safeguard their trading activities in these evolving dynamics.

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