Maintenance Commands

Maintenance Commands play a key role in the growth and maintenance of your farm. These specific commands are focused on caring for and cultivating various aspects of your farm to replenish spent resources, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly:

  1. Recover (All Squads): This command is available to all squads. They can use a House or the Foreman House to recover their Stamina. This replenishment is crucial for keeping your squads active and productive, ready to carry out their various tasks on the farm.

  2. Repair (Builder): Builders have the special ability to recover the HP of a building. This command is key to maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of your farm's buildings. Regular repair and maintenance ensure that buildings remain operational and effective in supporting your farm's activities.

  3. Grow (Farmer): This command is used by the Farmer squad. When executed, farmers tend the crops and prompt the growth of wheat. It's an essential step in the process of turning seeds into harvestable wheat, crucial for maintaining a steady supply of this fundamental resource.

  4. Feed Cow (Cowherd): Used by the Cowherd squad, this command involves feeding the cows. Proper feeding is essential for cows to produce milk, a vital resource on the farm. Consistent and careful feeding ensures that the cows are healthy and productive.

These Commands are integral to the successful management of your farm's resources in BLOCKLORDS. By effectively utilizing these commands, you can ensure that your crops and livestock are well-cared for, leading to fruitful harvests and sustainable farm operations.

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