Squad Progression

Squad progression is a key element that allows players to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of their squads through training and research. This progression system is centered around a few core concepts:

  1. Research at the Foreman House: The Foreman House serves as the research hub where players can conduct studies to unlock new squad improvements.

  2. Squad Training and Levels:

    • Squad Level: Training your squads increases their basic capabilities, making them more effective in their respective roles, whether in farming or combat.

    • Command Level: Specific training can be focused on improving the effectiveness of different commands, further boosting the efficiency of tasks performed by the squads.

  3. Research Tree: Players have access to a research tree within the Foreman House. This tech tree offers various categories and paths that players can choose to explore. By navigating through this tree, players can unlock new abilities and enhance the overall capabilities of their squads.

  4. Role of Heroes in Training: Assigning a hero as a trainer to a squad has significant benefits. It reduces the resources required for research and also shortens the training time, allowing for quicker progression and enhancement of the squads.

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