Education is a cornerstone in the BLOCKLORDS universe, shaping the future capabilities and strengths of young heroes. The system is designed to nurture and develop children within a player's dynasty, preparing them for the myriad challenges and roles they will undertake as adults.

Childhood Phase:

  • Age Range: 0-18 years.

  • Representation: Heroes within this age bracket are depicted as children.

  • Limitations: Children cannot participate in battle squads, engage in marriages, or undertake other standard hero functions.

Tutoring System:

  • Initiating Tutoring: To start the education of a child, players must select the young hero they wish to educate from their house roster.

  • Choosing a Tutor: After selecting a child for education, players can then choose another available hero from their inventory to act as a tutor. This hero will impart their wisdom, skills, and traits to the young protege.

  • Benefits of Tutoring: As the child spends time under the guidance of their tutor, they stand a higher chance of:

    • Trait Acquisition: Absorbing and emulating traits from their tutor.

    • Stat Enhancement: Benefitting from stats boosts influenced by the tutor's strengths and experiences.


  • Flexible Learning: The tutoring system is dynamic, allowing players to switch tutors if they wish to give their child a more diverse education or if they believe another hero might offer better trait and stat benefits.

  • Duration: While the child remains in the 0-18 age range, players can engage them in continuous or multiple tutoring sessions, maximizing their learning potential.

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