Strongholds add a strategic layer to the gameplay, offering players the opportunity to engage in resource acquisition and territorial control. Here's an overview of their role and impact in the game:

Strongholds: Key Resource Points

  • Location and Purpose: Strongholds are strategically placed resource points on the World Map, integral to the game’s territorial dynamics.

  • Capture and Control: Players can attack and hold these strongholds for certain periods, and successfully controlling them yields special resource rewards.

  • Defense Mechanisms: Typically, strongholds are guarded by powerful defensive units, presenting a challenging obstacle for players aiming to capture them.

Gameplay Integration and Armies

  • Upcoming In-Game Feature: The ability to attack strongholds will be introduced as a feature in the game, allowing players to create and utilize armies specifically for this purpose.

  • Battle Squads: Players will be able to assemble and deploy their battle squads to engage in stronghold battles, adding an element of military strategy to the game.

Exclusive Rewards and Game Advancement

  • Victory Benefits: Winning battles against strongholds not only grants control over these key points but also leads to exclusive rewards.

  • Enhancement of Military Power: These rewards are pivotal in strengthening a player's armies and battle squads, making the conquest of strongholds a crucial aspect of progressing in BLOCKLORDS.

Strongholds in BLOCKLORDS are more than just resource points; they are centers of power and conflict, offering players the chance to expand their influence, gather unique resources, and enhance their military capabilities. The introduction of strongholds will add a new dimension of strategy and competition to the game.

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