DYNASTY: A Guide to Banner Burning

In BLOCKLORDS, banners are not just symbols of your house's identity and pride. Banner Burning is a crucial activity that allows players to convert these banners into Renown, directly impacting the power and level of their house. Understanding how to effectively manage and utilize this system is key to advancing your dynasty's interests and securing your legacy.

Overview of Banner Burning

Banner Burning is a process where players can destroy their banners to gain Renown, which is essential for upgrading house levels and unlocking new capabilities. Hereโ€™s how this feature works in detail:

Banner burning allows players to burn their banners in exchange for Renown. This guide will walk you through the steps to burn banners within the game.

Banner Burning

  1. Select the House section: Start by navigating to the House section in Dynasty.

  2. Navigate to Banners: Choose the Banners subsection.

  3. Select the banner: Click on the banner you wish to burn.

  4. Initiate burning:

    • Click on the "Burn" message.

    • The message will display the amount of Renown you will receive upon burning the banner.

  5. Confirm the burn: Follow any additional prompts to complete the burning process and obtain your Renown.

Renown Gains from Banner Burning

The amount of Renown gained from burning banners varies depending on the quality of the banner:

Basic Banner: Burning a basic banner yields 100 Renown.

Silver Banner: Burning a silver banner grants 1,000 Renown.

Daily Limits on Banner Burning

The number of banners a player can burn each day is directly tied to their House level. This means that as your House grows and levels up, you can increase the number of banners you're allowed to burn daily, thereby accelerating your Renown accumulation:

This limit is refreshed daily at 0:00 UTC, allowing players to plan their strategies around this reset.

Executing a Banner Burn

To burn a banner, players must initiate the transaction manually. Here are the steps and considerations involved:

Player Initiation: The player must actively choose to burn a banner from their collection.

Gas Fees: The player is responsible for covering the gas fees associated with the transaction. This cost is a consideration that players must manage, balancing the immediate expense against the long-term benefits of gaining Renown.

Strategic Considerations

Engaging in Banner Burning involves strategic decision-making:

Resource Management: Decide when and which banners to burn to optimize your Renown gains, especially considering the costs of gas fees.

Daily Planning: Utilize the daily reset strategically to maximize your Renown gains over time, aligning this activity with other daily tasks and goals in the game.

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