Hero Missions

Missions are essential when growing your House, as you can earn Renown and rare Items.

You can see Available Missions and those In Progress by clicking the Missions button (either under the Events tab or on your Hero page). If you want to read more about a Mission, just click on it to learn what it entails and how long it will take for your Hero to complete it.

Mission Status

  • Available

  • In Progress

  • Mission Ended

    • Success

    • Failure

Mission Quality

The higher the quality of the mission, the more difficult it is, and the better the rewards.

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

Mission Types

Different types of missions focus on the requirements of the dispatched Heroes, and the type of rewards also varies.

  • Combat: Dispatch Heroes to fight and earn rewards.

  • Exploration: Dispatch Heroes to explore and earn rewards.

Basic Conditions for Starting a Mission

Once conditions are met, missions can be initiated, requiring interaction with the contract.

Dispatching Heroes:

  • Players must dispatch Heroes to complete missions.

  • Heroes of different Traits, Attributes and types excel in different missions.

  • Heroes participating in Duels, or dead, cannot be dispatched.

Mission Cost:

  • Missions cost Renown and will be more expensive the harder they become

Basic Conditions for Mission Completion

Every mission requires a certain duration to complete, and the mission ends when the time is up. The duration of a mission is predetermined, and acceleration cannot be used. When the countdown ends, the mission outcome is determined.

Mission Success Rate

Whether a mission can be successfully completed after the countdown depends on the mission's success rate.

Factors Affecting the Success Rate:

  • The type of Heroes

  • The Traits of the Heroes

  • The Attributes of the Heroes

  • The number of Heroes

Different missions are affected differently by the above factors of the Heroes. For example, for a certain combat mission, Heroes of type X can greatly increase the success rate.

Mission Rewards

Rules for Reward Collection:

  • Rewards can only be collected upon the successful completion of a mission. If the mission fails, rewards cannot be obtained.

  • Players need to manually confirm to collect mission rewards.

Reward Content:

  • The main rewards for missions include exclusive Items and Renown from the Dynasty system.

  • Mission rewards consist of a basic reward plus a bonus reward.

Basic Reward:

  • Guaranteed upon the successful completion of a mission.

Bonus Reward:

  • If the success rate exceeds 100%, this may trigger a bonus reward probabilistically.

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