Recruiting Squads

In BLOCKLORDS, the expansion of your farm into new sectors opens up exciting opportunities to grow your squad roster, directly enhancing your farming capabilities. The process of recruiting new squads is straightforward yet strategic:

  • Accessing Squad Options: To begin, navigate to the Squad menu. Here, you'll find a variety of squad types, each offering unique skills and utilities tailored to specific tasks on your farm.

  • Diverse Squad Types: The game features many distinct types of squads. Their specializations range widely, from gathering resources and tending to crops, to hunting and pig farming. This diversity allows for a comprehensive approach to managing different aspects of your farm.

  • Recruitment Process: Once you've decided on the type of squad that best fits your current needs, the next step is to facilitate their integration. This involves sending your builders to construct the appropriate building that supports the activities and functions of the chosen squad.

By thoughtfully selecting and recruiting different squads, you can tailor your farm's workforce to maximize efficiency and productivity in each sector.

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